Can Anyone Become a Software Tester?

Can Anyone Become a Software Tester?

Today informational technologies are rapidly developing. More and more people began to work in this field as now not only software developers are needed for creating applications.

Among popular professions nowadays is a software tester. Software testers perform web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing and find defects in programs. Knowledge of programming languages is not compulsory for this job.

Few if any educational establishments teach how to execute mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. The required knowledge one can get from special literature, trainings and seminars conducted by a software testing company or directly from an experienced software tester. This makes some people think that anybody can test applications. But it is far otherwise.

A software testing company wants to hire and teach only the most suitable candidates. Taking into account that a lot people want to build up a career in the sphere of information technologies one has a chance to become a tester only if he or she is among the best.

A Person Has Few Chances to Get Job in Software Testing if He Or She:

  • gives untruthful information about his or her education, experience or anything else;
  • has no idea what software testing is and do not bother to inquire before an interview;
  • thinks that anyone can be a software tester and no special knowledge and skills are required for this profession.

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