Why Communication is Important in Software Testing?

Why Communication is Important in Software Testing?

People are relational beings. No one can live without communication. This becomes apparent in all aspects of our life.

Creation of a software product is a complex project nowadays. A lot of teams of experts in various fields participate in it.  A project cannot be successfully accomplished if communication between its participants is not properly established.

If testers do not communicate with the development team they are not able to execute high quality mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

It is wise to talk about the tested software with the developers. In this way testers learn more about the application and are able to use this information for enhancement of the testing process.

A software testing company claims that it is a good idea to ask questions and clarify issues in the written form, by means of e-mail, for example, after verbal discussion.

The Advantages of Having Written Explanations and Confirmations Are:

  • one can come back to the explanations any time and review them if necessary;
  • there is proof and confirmation of why you did something this way rather than elsewise.

If a testing team or a software testing company wants always execute web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing efficiently and in a good manner it must communicate and share best practices with other project members and software testing companies. In this case testers will always keep up with advanced software technologies and approaches.


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