Why Is Creativity Important for Testing?

Why Is Creativity Important for Testing?

Almost every activity requires the imaginative thinking. For some professions, it is a must-have. But the unusual way of solving various problems promotes the career growth and the efficiency of performed tasks.

Usually, software testing company prefers to hire the specialists with the ability for creative thinking. But it does not mean that for others the way to the IT sphere is forbidden. It is not necessarily to be born a creative person; everyone is able to develop this characteristic.

Nevertheless, there is an important point – a person should like what he or she is doing. If mobile testing, web testing or desktop testing is a favorite pastime, then a person will achieve great triumphs.

To become creative, first of all, a person should be thoroughly aware of the specifics of particular procedure. The theoretical background is the first step. A person cannot fulfill system testing or unit testing without knowing its techniques and methods.

A fresh view is very important for effective work. One cannot always follow the same methodologies without any modifications.

What May Help to Promote Success in Software Testing?

  • Before getting aware of the requirements, to write as many test cases as possible. After that to read the documentation and add the tests cases according to the available requirements.
  • The usage of the application should not be based on its documentation and requirements. In most cases exploratory testing is more resultative.
  • It is important to take into account the previous experience. The test cases that helped to discover serious bugs may promote the detection of serious errors of other products.

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