Why Should One Pay Considerable Attention to Data for Automated Tests?

Why Should One Pay Considerable Attention to Data for Automated Tests?

At present automation is widely utilized during many testing processes. It is convenient and acknowledged method of increasing effectiveness of web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing.

As any other testing works, automation requires considerable preparations and investments. But if everything is done properly, the efforts will be rewarded.

One of important aspects of automated testing is test data. Many kinds of automated tests need certain input data. One should carefully select the data. Good test date provide high quality mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing. The data should be prepared as soon as possible.

When Test Data are Ready, One is Able:

  • to simplify creation of the tests;
  • to augment the existing tests together with construction and enlarging of the tested software product.

Test data should be stored in a separate file or database, apart from the tests. Any software testing company knows that good automated tests can take the appropriate data from the database or the file.

When test data are stored separately from the tests, it is easier to correct and to adjust the automated tests. The number of test scenarios can be increased by adding more data to the database without making changes in the tests.


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