How Does a Debug Build Help in Software Testing?

How Does a Debug Build Help in Software Testing?

Experts in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing know that no matter how professional programmers are, they always make software bugs, because modern programs possess rich functionality and are complex.

Some errors are hard to reproduce and it is difficult determine their roots. Certain errors found during functional testing, compatibility testing, multi-platform testing cannot even be reported, because their steps to reproduce cannot be not determined.

Debug builds are helpful in such a situation. A debug build is a software product build released in a debug mode. A debug module allows test engineers to enable the system logs by pressing certain sequence of keys. The logs can be traced for a certain period what gives the testers enough information for determining causes of the errors and steps to reproduce them.

Mobile platforms require signing software builds.

Build Signing is Performed in Order To:

  • indicate the software author;
  • prove that the program build adheres to the platform requirements.

Both debug and release builds should be signed. Special certificates for signing are usually provided by the platforms and their software development kits.

It is wise to perform thorough mobile testingand make sure that everything operates as intended before signing a mobile program release build.


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