Why Is a Discount User Dangerous for Software?

Why Is a Discount User Dangerous for Software?

Every employer of software testing company knows that usability plays an essential role for product success and its further development.

Even when mobile testing or web testing is performed effectively and the system contains no bugs, the product will not be one hundred per cent popular among the end users. The main reason of this is that it is inconvenient to use the product. The navigation is confusing; the buttons arrangement is improper, etc.

In such a situation, a user may easily choose other program or application that will meet his needs. Nowadays a large variety of various mobile and web products is available at the software market. If a user does not like the system interface, he can simply choose another program of better design and probably with more capacities.

Therefore, the product cannot be released without conducted usability testing. If this software testing type is neglected, then the number of discount users may be very high. The future of every software product depends on the users’ feedback. And if a user is dissatisfied with the app or system, then the consequences can be inevitable.

How Can a Discount User Harm a Software Product?

  • To simply delete the software that does not satisfy him. Besides that, he may never use it again or any other product of that software company.
  • To write the negative feedback about the product in various social networks, blogs and websites.
  • To point the product with a too low estimate in the software storages or play markets.

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