What is the Essence of Automated Testing?

What is the Essence of Automated Testing?

At present hardly any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing can be performed without automation. Automated testing is widely used nowadays.

But many people have a dim idea about what automation is. As a matter of fact, automated tests are programs created for checking other applications. So, their nature is the same as nature of any other software product.

That means that automated tests may contain errors. So, they must be tested, as any other application. Automated testing instruments require careful maintenance and updates. They should consider all the changes of the tested system. Otherwise they will become useless.

The Main Advantages of Automation Are:

  • It significantly increases effectiveness of testing efforts.
  • It excludes human factor; automated tests do not get tired or bored and do not overlook something because of inattention.

Some type of testing works should always be automated. Unit testing and regression testing belong to them.

But not all testing activities can be automated. It is better to do some works manually. Automation may result in significant extra expenses and be unprofitable. That is why a software testing company recommends to make necessary researches and to consult software testing experts before making decision to automate tests.


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