What are Negative Consequences of Rapid Evolution of Mobile Technology?

What are Negative Consequences of Rapid Evolution of Mobile Technology?

We witness rapid evolving of information technology and real boom of mobile technology. Mobile devices and software products for them are constantly advancing. So, instruments and techniques for manual and automated testing very soon become out of date.

This makes testers constantly elaborate and improve the existing methods and tools for web site testing, desktop testing and, in particular, for mobile application testing.

Mobile technology appeared relatively recently. Since that time it is changing and enhancing all the time. A software testing company agrees that this unbelievably fast evolution has some negative consequences. They show up in numerous mobile software products of low quality.

Negative Effects of Fast Evolving of Mobile Technologies Are:

  • too little time on mobile systems creating and on mobile testing; the hurry is conditioned by fierce competition between mobile software producers;
  • good libraries, best practices and tools for mobile programs development have not been elaborated yet, or there are few of them;
  • there are no common standards for mobile applications; each mobile platforms has its own requirements to mobile software;
  • there are few professional mobile software engineers nowadays; most of the developers have been trained to write code for desktop programs and they often do not fully understand specificity of mobile software.

These aspects cause large number of low quality mobile software products.


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