How Can a Software Tester Foster Communication Skills?

How Can a Software Tester Foster Communication Skills?

Communication is an integral part of software development process. Clients, designers, developers, testers, marketing managers and other part of the team constantly have to be in touch.

Close cooperation always plays one of the main roles in providing product quality, therefore, software development company coordinates its efforts with all project members.

Different meetings and calls are common occurrences by software testing and very often strong communication skills help a tester to feel confident. It is especially important to know how to set out ideas clearly by system or load testing. Otherwise, the workflow will be complicated.

How to improve communication skills?

  • It is highly recommended to avoid using such general phrases as “unit testing showed that the software is broken”, thoughts should be expressed precisely.
  • Names of software elements should be specified in a proper way.
  • When steps to reproduce a bug are described, clarity is very important. Even by automated testing it is necessary to explain in which exactly part of the software the bug was found.
  • It is common thing to ask questions if some points are left unclear. Fruitful collaboration is impossible without mutual understanding.

Following these advices, a tester can become more communicative and improve the relationships within the team.


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