What Should Thorough Functional Testing Include?

What Should Thorough Functional Testing Include?

Any software testing company can confirm that thorough functional testing of a software product is a complex task comprising numerous points and activities. Functional tests must cover every function and feature of the tested application.

Though each mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing is unique and functional tests are elaborated specifically for each program, some aspects of them are common.

Each software product has functions dedicated to inputting, deletion and updating data. None of them should be overlooked during manual or automated testing. A software product must process data as intended. Functional tests also include checking of how the application copes with various errors, and if error messages are clear and informative.

Besides, During Functional Testing it is Necessary to Verify Whether:

  • the logic of the tested program functions is correct;
  • the application functions properly interoperate;
  • the functions are really helpful for the users;
  • they do not duplicate each other;
  • there are functions and features in the system that consume too much time and resource on the device.

A professional tester would not only check the system thoroughly and gather information about the defects, but provide the development team with his or her remarks and pieces of advices about how to optimize the software product, make it more efficient and usable.


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