How to Get ISTQB Certificate?

How to Get ISTQB Certificate?

A lot of specialists of website testing, mobile application testing and desktop testing do not have any diplomas or certificates. They just do their work, enlarge their theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills without passing any exams.

But some customers prefer to hire the certificated testers. One of the well-known international certificates is ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). Not every manual or automated testingspecialist may pass the exam and receive ISTQB certificate at the first attempt.

This examination is quite difficult and complicated. Sometimes the test question may frighten a little bit the examinees. But it is usual thing to be nervous before and during the serious test. There are several tips that will help to pass the test successfully.

What Will Help to Get ISTQB Certificate?

  • A thorough exploration of the material. The profound theoretical knowledge will help not only to pass the exam but to perform usability testing, functional testing, load testing, etc. more efficiently.
  • A lot of practice. One should do as many training tasks as possible. It helps to get used to the questions of such a kind and to apply the appropriate logic.
  • A great attention. One should carefully read every question several times for not to miss something essential. It will prevent any misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Besides that, some questions may have several correct answers, others – no correct variants at all. The examinees should keep that in mind. To pass the test successfully, one should be fully concentrated on the task. But ISTQB certificate is a great evidence of tester’s high professional level.


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