How to Become a Good Game Tester?

How to Become a Good Game Tester?

Probably, the majority of people find a profession of game tester easy and full of joy and amusement as such specialists just play different games all the day long and earn good money for that. But this is a wrong perception of the game tester’s duties.

Actually, game testing is rather difficult occupation that requires technical background and special skills. It is not so easy to get the position of game tester in a software testing company. The ordinary gamer without the knowledge of QA services, bug lifecycle and principles of software development will not get a job.

What Skills Should a Good Game Tester Possess?

  • A tester should detect the game bugs while playing the game. He should be very attentive and concentrated. Video game testing or mobile game testing is not just a process of enjoying the game.
  • The game tester should be able to play the games of different genres. All personal preferences and interests should be put apart. Testing is a job.
  • Whether it is mobile testing or web testing, the specialists should be aware of the principles of software and hardware operating, the stages of both software development and testing.
  • The specialist should possess good communication skills. In the field of software testing, a well-established communication process ensures the effective work. It is necessary to share information with other stakeholders in a clear way.
  • Every testing procedure is accompanied with a specific documentation: test plan, test strategy, test cases, etc. The game tester should write all necessary documentation in a proper way.

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