In recent years, the specialists of web apps testing notice the tendency to use HTML5 instead of HTML for creating web-based systems and programs.

HTML5 is a new more innovative and updated HTML version. In total, it is not an improved version of the markup language; it is rather a new platform for creating web apps.

Nowadays it is widely used. HTML5 is designed to support multimedia technologies together with the text editing. Even conducting mobile testing, a team can face HTML5 as it is well-integrated with mobile technologies.

HTML5 has a set of advantages over its previous version. It has wider functionality and more capacities.

What Are the Pluses of HTML5?

  • With its help, the multimedia elements can be developed.
  • The animation creating is available.
  • The API interfaces and special frameworks can be used.
  • The development of the elements for GPS services is available.
  • Instead of usual cookies, the special, better files can be created to be saved on the client’s computer.

HTML5 is more complex than HTML. It has more tags and offers a larger amount of capacities. A software testing company can admit that the checking procedure of web applications developed on HTML5 resembles software testing and desktop testing pretty much.

A user can utilize and even edit the HTML5-based app without Internet access during some period of time. But after making all settings and changes, he should connect to the Internet to have everything saved on the server. 


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