What Should Every Software Tester Keep in Mind?

What Should Every Software Tester Keep in Mind?

At present software testing has evolved into a separate area in IT. It is interesting, creative and complex activity including many branches. Nowadays hardly any software construction can be managed without participation of a reputable software testing company.

There are plenty of rules and recommendations on how to perform ecommerce testing, how to succeed in functional testing or what tools are the best for load testing.

Few Things That Every Test Engineer Should Keep in Mind:

  1. Applications without defects do not exist. If a tester believes that he or she has found one, it means that something was wrong during software testing. The tester may lack experience, use inappropriate tools or have insufficient knowledge in the software domain.
  2. One shouldn’t be afraid to break anything in the application. If something can go wrong, it is better if that problem happens during the testing process rather than after release.
  3. Test-cases should check how the system processes valid data, invalid data and boundary data. Neither of these issues must be omitted in test procedures.
  4. Universal and the best test method, technique or approach hasn’t been elaborated yet. It is wise to discuss test plan with other project parties. This way one can select the most suitable solution for the project.
  5. If it is obvious that some test-cases will be used many times, it is a good idea to automate them.

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