Main Testing Obstacles

Main Testing Obstacles

A lot of IT specialists are sure that software testing is an inevitable part of software development life cycle. It is applied to check the quality of the product under development and improve it. Testers use different techniques and methodologies to define the system bugs.

But sometimes software testing company can face issues that may negatively affect the whole checking procedure. And it is not a complex system, unclear product documentation or constantly changed requirements. In some cases, the problems are hidden within the test team, product peculiarities, etc.

What May Adversely Affect the Testing Procedure?

  • Too detailed or incomplete checking process may have the negative impact on the product quality. For example, incomplete functional testing may not discover some serious bugs or too precise regression checking may lead to the appearance of new errors.
  • The test tools are important for the quality of testing too. If they are out-of-use and outdated, then load testing or automated testing will not be effective.
  • It is rather difficult for a tester to find really useful training and courses. There are a lot of seminars but mostly they provide already known information. Truly useful courses cost much.
  • Deadlines and cutting of test period may turn the testers into workaholics. In time, their effectiveness will fall down and the quality of testing too.
  • The atmosphere in the team should be friendly. Testers should respect each other and all members of the product team.
  • The level of tester’s competence. Sometimes a tester may take the task for which he is not ready – he does not have enough theoretical knowledge or practical experience.

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