How to Make Automation Effective?

How to Make Automation Effective?

It is a well-known fact that the automation saves time and ensures more effective and efficient software testing procedure. It is very suitable in the case of a multi-level complex system. Every software testing company applies the automation principle during the checking of various software products.

But it is impossible to automate every procedure of product checking. On one hand, it will fasten the checking process. But, on the other hand, it is rather time and money-consuming. Moreover, in some cases, the automation can do only harm and will not provide the qualitative checking. That is why it is necessary to perform automated testing in a proper way.

What Are the Secrets of Effective Automation?

  • The decision of applying the automation should be approved by the project manager.
  • The testing procedure should be well-planned. The specialist prepares the list of product features the checking of which will be automated. Also, he specifies the techniques and methodologies that will be applied. Besides that, all the checking procedure should be estimated.
  • If it is necessary to test modified features, then the autotests created earlier cannot be used one more time. They should also be changed or even the new auto test scripts should be designed.
  • The test team defines that areas and aspects of the product should be covered by auto scripts.
  • Manual testing is a part of the automation process. Sometimes it is impossible to automate some product features.

But automation is not a panacea – it cannot detect every system bug. Besides that, automated system testing or functional testing can even be of lower quality in comparison with manual one.


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