How to Make the Product Popular?

How to Make the Product Popular?

Software testing is one of the fundamentals of effective and popular products. The specialists perform different tests to discover bugs. For this purpose, they use such checking types as regression testing, integration testing, system testing, functional testing, etc.

But the success of the developed product depends not only on the work of testers and developers. They may provide the effective functioning of the system without any errors, but it does not mean that the product will definitely be popular among users.

Every client wants to know what the secret of product success is. To make the end users satisfied with the application is a real mastery. It requires the effective cooperation between all stakeholders involved in the production.

Who Is Responsible for the Product Popularity?

  • Marketing and business analysts. These specialists are unable to perform usability testing or user interface testing, but they collect and analyze the data needed for the development of successful product.
  • Sales managers. The specialists analyze the peculiarities of market and the end user’s needs. These experts are aware of the required options and functions of systems and applications. They can characterize the users and their desires.    
  • Users. The core audience is an essential part of every product development process. It is very important to know the wishes and preferences of the end users. On one hand, the product which does not satisfy the needs will not become popular among users and will be useless. But on the other hand, a large number of people will use the application at the same time, and there should not be any trouble. It this case, load testing will prevent all possible faults.
  • Sponsors. It is very difficult to develop a bug-free product with interesting design and large capability. The testing and development processes require financial support. 

In other words, the popularity of developed product depends on the integration and cooperation between all members of team working on the project.


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