How to Manage a Test Team?

How to Manage a Test Team?

Every software testing team has a team lead – manager. It is a person who coordinates the work of every team member. He constantly communicates with a development team and client.

The team manager solves various problems and misunderstandings on the project and within the team. Besides that, he has a lot of other duties and responsibilities.

What Should an Effective Test Manager Do?

  • A team manager should fully comprehend the project goals and all current tasks.
  • He shares the responsibility for all tasks together with the team.
  • The manager distributes the tasks among the team members according to their skills, knowledge and personal qualities.
  • He should not forget to support and encourage the team members.
  • It important to be able to give an advice for solving difficult tasks.
  • The team manager should be flexible and have good problem-solving skill.
  • He should be able to make decisions on the basis of all available data and requirements.
  • The team manager has good analytical skills.

There are various management styles. Some specialists prefer the autocratic management style. According to this style, the manager does not clarify for the team members the final project goals, the roles of every member, etc. The manager thinks that the specialists should easily meet the challenges.

But if the team conducts performance testing, load checking, security control, usability testing manually or with auto tests, it is better to have the general understanding of set goals and tasks. In such a case, every team member will do his best to reach the common aim.

Only coordinated effort of each member of test team will make mobile testing, website testing, and desktop apps testing really effective and efficient. 


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