How Can Manual Testers Improve Automation?

How Can Manual Testers Improve Automation?

Deep knowledge of programming is not a must for a software tester, but from the other side these skills help to become more universal specialist.

From the first sight it seems that manual and automated testing are absolutely total opposites, but actually these testing types are two sides of the same coin. Very often manual testing is combined with automation. 

When black-box testing is done, a manual tester knows quite everything about the software work, therefore, he can contribute to effective automated testing.

Manual Testing Skills Which Can Help By Automation

  • Unit testing can be more effective when manual and automation testers work together. This testing type is, usually, automated, but some unit tests can be performed manually.
  • During software testing manual testers identify what application parts need to be primarily automated.  Moreover, manual testers can provide some advices on how to make automation faster and more productive.
  • It is common to create a document, where main checks are listed. It is available for all members of the team and manual testers can provide new data, which will be useful for automation.
  • Manual testers can copy existing automation tests, modify them and, in such a way, create new checks.

In general, automation testing is hard and complicated process, but it can be more effective and fruitful with help of manual testers’ skills.


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