Mobile Testing: Compatibility Check

Mobile Testing: Compatibility Check

Nowadays mobile devices are very popular and their development is in fast progress. A huge number of various models are available. People may use smartphones, tablets, and phones of diverse capacities and characteristics: different size, memory, screen quality, etc.

Surely, there is no such a variety of PC. Besides that, a set of various tools and accessories can be added to mobile devices. Their aim is to improve the product usability. During mobile testing, the specialists pay a huge attention to this particular aspect.

Today on the market there are many companies that create mobile devices, applications, and programs.

What Are the Most Popular Mobile Platforms?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry

Of course, software testing company takes into account the variety of combinations of software and hardware. This point should obligatory be reviewed during web application testing on mobile devices.

Only the proper functioning of the software product on various OS and platforms will ensure its popularity among the end users. To reach this aim the test team performs compatibility testing. The matter is that an app may correctly operate on iOS but there are many errors and crashes during its launching on Android. That is why testers conduct the checking procedure of the product compatibility.

Such software testing types as multi-platform checking, compatibility testing, cross-browser testing are rather required now. As today one person can use the same program on his phone, PC, and tablet, and he wants it to work properly.


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