What is Specificity of Testing Mobile Software Networking Issues?

What is Specificity of Testing Mobile Software Networking Issues?

Originally mobile devices were created for communication and enabling their users to be always in touch. Nowadays they are used not only for communication, but for interaction with applications as well.

Many mobile software products depend on the Internet connection and cannot work without it. These are mobile web sites, browser-based application and some installable mobile programs.

That is why web site testing on mobile devices and mobile application testing usually includes checking software operation under various network conditions. Experts in manual and automated testing claim that it is wise to see how the program behaves when the network speed and strength are different.

One Should Create Test Cases Verifying the System Behavior When:

  • there is fast and strong Internet connection;
  • there is no Internet connection;
  • the connection is weak and slow;
  • the connection changes from fast to slow, from weak to strong.

It is also wise to carry out functional testing when different types of network connection are utilized.

Nowadays Such Types of Network are Used:

  • 2G, including GPRS, CDMA, EDGE;
  • 3G;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • others.

Software testingon mobile devices is unlike testing on personal computers; mobile applications involve aspects that are uncharacteristic to desktop ones. One should keep this in mind switching from verifying quality of desktop software to mobile software and vice versa.


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