What are Peculiarities of Unit Testing?

What are Peculiarities of Unit Testing?

It is of common knowledge that mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing should be performed by a software testing company or by an internal testing team.

Qualitative testing of a software product requires specific knowledge and skills. This task is not as easy as it may seem. Such activities certainly must not be executed by the program builders. The developers may just execute unit testing before passing the software to test engineers.

Unit testing assumes checking of functioning of one component or module of an application in isolation. The testing type is usually executed when the module or part of the software is ready. This kind of testing works are done automatically, as a rule.

Unit Testing Can Be Performed When:

  • test cases are created and automated;
  • the application build is compiled and checked automatically;
  • environment for unit testing is prepared.

When unit testing is finished the system can be given to a software testing company for further testing works.

Unit Testing is Considered to be Successfully Executed When:

  • all the intended tests are performed;
  • the discovered errors are corrected;
  • all the tests passed and actual results match the expected results.

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