Why is it Recommended to Perform Automated Testing?

Why is it Recommended to Perform Automated Testing?

Years ago, when software products where and devices were not so sophisticated developers did the whole works by themselves. They coded, tested and fixed the software product they worked on.

Late with rapid evolving of software and hardware applications became large complex systems. Construction of some of them demands work of many experts and significant resources. One person is not able to perform all the works any more.

It is hard to check lots of code lines. In this case automated testing is very helpful. Hardly a web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing passes without automation nowadays.

Of Course One Can:

  • look through the application code;
  • work with a debugger;
  • perform user interface testing;
  • execute manual functional testing and so on.

All the mentioned activities are useful, but they are not efficiently enough if automated testing is not used in addition. Even if a person is experienced programmer, very careful and attentive, he or she may miss something or mistake.

Besides it takes much time to check all the code lines. It is boring activity and one may skip some places that previously worked fine. But the missed places may contain problems after recent changes.

A software testing company assures that all these risks and inconveniences can be avoided if automated test tools are utilized in course of software testing process.


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