How to Perform Effective Mobile Testing in Short Terms?

How to Perform Effective Mobile Testing in Short Terms?

It is known that any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing is a complex process involving various testing types and activities.

Each type of software testing has its peculiarities. Mobile testing is often very time-constrained. Often testers must examine a mobile software product in generally for a very limited time, an hour, for example.

That is why a software testing company has a list of testing activities enabling to discover significant software bugs in frequently used functions, interface and logic of the mobile software.

According to the List a Tester Should Check:

  • if it is possible to download and install the mobile application quickly;
  • if a user can uninstall and delete the software from his or her device any time fast and effortlessly;
  • if it is possible to receive and make calls from the smartphone or mobile phone when the application is functioning;
  • if it is possible to receive and send SMS when the mobile software is working;
  • if it is possible to come back to the place where the user was before receiving or making call or SMS;
  • how the program behaves when there are networking problems;
  • if it provides informative error messages and allow to proceed work and data exchanging when networking connection is restored.

Checking the mentioned issues allows in short terms to perform quick and efficient mobile testing.


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