Why Performance Testing and Load Testing Mustn’t Be Ignored?

Why Performance Testing and Load Testing Mustn’t Be Ignored?

Many software products, especially web sites, must handle simultaneous interaction with a lot of users, be able to process large quantity of data. Some software products have to process information for a limited time.

If an application often hangs, crashes or goes into error mode in the middle of a process it will lose its users to competitors’ software products. Such defects are totally unacceptable for certain software products dealing, for example, with financial operations or user private data.

So, executing mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing one should give due consideration to performance related issues. That is why a software testing company insists that performance testing and load testing must be included in every software testing process.

It is not an easy task to execute performance testing and load testing manually. Such testing activities demand large amounts of data, are very time consuming and monotonous. All this may hit testers upon the idea to ignore these testing types or perform them carelessly.

In order to avoid inconveniences and increase efficiency of the testing process it is wise to automate performance testing and load testing. In this case all the needed operations will be done automatically. Testers will only have to analyze the results.



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