Performance Testing Tips

Performance Testing Tips

The quality of software products is checked by the specialists of software testing company with the help of different checking methodologies and techniques. They try to detect all most severe bugs, errors that block the proper system functioning, etc.

The testers usually perform a full functional checking, thorough security control, detailed usability testing, etc. All these checking types ensure a high level of the product quality. But some of them can be too difficult and time-consuming.

In some cases, performance testing or load testing of complex and multileveled products may be a real challenge for the specialists. But the experience of performing other checking types, for example, automated testing or stress testing, can really help to cope with the task.

How to Conduct Performance Testing?

  • Mostly, the performance issues are connected with software but not with hardware.
  • It is necessary to ask questions about the product system and functionality. The constant communication with the developers will help to avoid any misconceptions and troubles.
  • The test team should be fully aware of the product specification and all available requirements to its functional, security, design, etc.
  • The test scripts should be designed step-by-step, as there is a high possibility of modifications and changes of system or application.
  • The test team can use special testing tools. It may be a load generator, tools for caching and load balance. Such tools will help to effectively conduct performance testing but they should be properly applied.

The results of the checking procedure of the system performance should be well-formed and easy-to-comprehend for both the development team and client. If to keep the above-mentioned recommendation, the testing process will be effective and efficient.


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