How to Properly Plan Software Testing?

How to Properly Plan Software Testing?

Each software testing, website testing or mobile testing procedure depends a lot on the quality of its planning. The design of checking process requires some preliminary work and the profound knowledge of the product specifics.

A software testing company starts the testing procedure, when the product specifications are ready and the general information about the system is available. If the product is complex and multi-leveled, then a special strategy should be developed.

What Are the Core Items of Testing Plan?

  • Test data. A specialist should select the data appropriate and enough for running test cases.
  • Gray or black box testing. It is impossible to fully check the product using only black box testing, as the user interface may not inform about some serious errors. For example, the issues with data base can be discovered only with the help of gray or even white box testing.
  • Testing methods. A lot of different checking methodologies and methods are available now. They have a definite goal and their own specifics. For example, the purpose of some methods is to cover as much of test coverage as possible, using the minimal number of test cases.
  • Testing tools. It is very important to properly define what system aspects will be checked using automated testing and what system parts – manually. The right choice will ensure the effective checking.

To pay a special attention to these items during planning of testing procedure will provide the necessary results and assure the development of product of a really high quality.


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