The Important Aspects of Usability Testing

The Important Aspects of Usability Testing

For the specialists in software development, the functional side of the product is more important than its design. But the experts from software testing company know that every product aspect should be developed and check at a high level.

One more essential characteristic is the product usability. The end users will not work with a program or an application if their interfaces are confusing and difficult. To prevent the issues of such a kind, usability testing is performed. It is recommended to include this checking type into web application testing, mobile testing and desktop programs checking.

Nowadays there are a lot of various methods and techniques that help to effectively perform usability checking. But the general steps of these methodologies are somehow similar. The main purpose is to orient the testing procedure to the end users.

How to Perform Usability Testing Properly?

  • The end users of the software product under test (the target audience) should be thoroughly examined.
  • The typical character types of end users should also be analyzed.
  • It is better to create the models of end users on the basis of the previous searches. These models should include such information as age, gender, occupation, hobby, marriage status, etc.

The specialist in software product testing should review the product from the user’s point of view. Only in this case, the app or program will be popular and in-demand in the market.


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