3 Aspects of Program Stored Procedure That Must be Checked

3 Aspects of Program Stored Procedure That Must be Checked

Back-end of each software product contains and processes many data, executes different operations. All these processes are hidden from the users; they may even be unaware of what is happening in the application back-end.

In spite of it, proper data storing and processing is of prime importance for functioning of every program. Experts in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing always pay significant attention to these aspects. They often utilize automated testing instruments for these purposes rather than execute manual testing.

When Testing a Database Stored Procedure, it is Necessary to Check:

  1. Whether the outputs are appropriate and comply with the specification.
  2. The system behavior when entering valid, boundary and invalid data, one should enter each boundary or invalid parameter at a time and run the procedure.
  3. All types of error messages that are described in the specification; it is also wise to find and cause conditions that are missed in the specification and for which no error messages are provided.

There are other aspects of a stored procedure that must be checked. A professional software testing company always tries to provide sufficient test coverage of each area of the tested application; stored procedure of each database is among the most significant ones.

Source: QATestlab

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