QTP vs Selenium

QTP vs Selenium

To effectively conduct automated testing, the specialists of software testing company use special tools. Nowadays, there are a lot of various tools for automated testing. The choice of the tool depends on the product peculiarities and project specifics. But besides that, the product advantages and disadvantages should also be taken into the account.

The most widespread automation tools are Selenium and QTP. Some specialists are sure that Selenium is the best possible choice for qualitative software testing, other do not agree with them. To find out that, it needs to analyze the functionality of both QTP and Selenium.

What Are the Advantages of QTP over Selenium?

  • QTP is suitable for desktop testing and web testing, while Selenium can be used only for web checking.
  • Selenium does not have a built-in repository, while QTP has.
  • QTP has a built-in IDE that is why its automation speed is high in comparison with Selenium.
  • An official user support is not supported by Selenium, while QTP provides it.
  • Selenium does not have an access to any element out of the web app under test. QTP can manage the elements of the web browser.
  • In comparison with QTP, Selenium does not support the function of exporting test data to various external formats.
  • QPT generates the test reports automatically.

While selecting the tool for automated testing, the specialists also analyze such s factors as:

  • tool cost – Selenium is free,
  • flexibility – the number of supported programming languages, browsers, platforms,
  • parallel testing – for that QTP require Quality Center.

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