What Are the Specifics of Radio Waves?

What Are the Specifics of Radio Waves?

There is an interesting fact that people start to use the wireless technologies long before the mobile phones, smartphones and tablets were created. Friendly speaking, not every specialist of mobile testing knows that.

Radio waves are the components of electromagnetic emission of the Earth. The waves of such a type are invisible and they are everywhere. From the very beginning, they were used in radio. It is an interesting fact that now radio and modern mobile devices utilize the same technology.

The radio waves Are Transmitted Through:

  • radio towers;
  • radio stations;
  • cell towers;
  • Wi-Fi.

Software testing company knows well that various things may block the wireless waves and as a consequence, the mobile software products related to the network will not function in a proper way. This problem is rather widespread among mobile applications.

A user usually does not face such a problem while utilizing the desktop and web applications. That is why it is not necessary to check the network connection during web testing and software product testing.

What May Wireless Waves Influence on?

  • Objects with steel elements
  • Weather conditions
  • Land environment
  • The distance between the device and the wave source.

All mentioned points should be taken into account during mobile application testing under different levels of network connection. Besides that, load testing and performance testing should not be missed too. A high quality of the product is provided by a whole set of various testing techniques.


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