How to Become a Member of Scrum Team?

How to Become a Member of Scrum Team?

According to the agile methodology of product development, software testing should also vary from the ordinary one. It has some peculiarities.

The experts of web testing, mobile checking and desktop application testingshould be ready to change their usual way of testing and modify the checking principles in order to fulfill the requirements of agile software development methodology.

Scrum is one of such effective agile methodologies. To integrate to the Scrum process, the QA engineers should keep several rules to make their work efficient and productive. In this case, both developers and testers should work fast and keep up with each other.

What Should a Tester Do to Integrate in Scrum Team?

  • Before proceeding to test, thoroughly examine the requirements.
  • To define the errors causes, not just discover and document bugs. It will help developers to fix the mistakes quicker.
  • To have functional testing, performance control, user interface testing designed beforehand.
  • To maintain records of planned time and actually spent on testing hours.
  • To participate in the meetings of Scrum team.
  • To examine the system code in details.
  • To distribute the responsibility for creating software and finishing sprints together with the development team.

Only when every team member does his best, the communication is constant and the team efforts are well-distributed, only then the production of system or application will be fast and the client will be satisfied.


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