Security Testing: What to Know?

Security Testing: What to Know?

It is well-known that there are some software testing types that should be obligatory performed during the procedure of product development. They are security testing, usability testing, load testing, performance testing and some others.

Every checking type has a range of specifics that a tester should be aware with. It is very important for the specialist to know the execution procedure of this or that testing type, its possible pitfalls, the advantages and weak points. That is why generally QA specialist focuses on a particular system aspect and improves his skills and knowledge.

Besides that, the tester may perform manual testing or automated one. It depends on the priorities, deadline, and the product peculiarities. Usually, the specialist tests the software of one kind, for example, he may be a real expert in game testing, website testing, mobile application testing or social network testing.

But nowadays whatever the product is, its security plays an important role. Mostly, it concerns web applications, as it is easy for hackers to steal the valuable information and data used by the app. The execution of security testing requires some specific skills.

What Should a Tester Know to Perform Security Checking?

  • A specialist should be aware of HTTP protocols and the principles of data exchanging between client PC and server.
  • It is necessary to know what SQL queries are, their capacities and principles of their functioning.
  • A good tester should understand what cross site scripting is and how it can be used by malicious users.

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