The Secrets of Security Testing

The Secrets of Security Testing

Nowadays, security testing is considered to be one of the most important software testing types. It is obvious that the unsafe banking applications will not be popular among the end users. Security is the core element of success.

Security testing requires various technical and programming skills. The principles of automated testing are applied to several aspects of security control. However, some factors should be checked with the help of manual testing.

Security is closely connected with a wide range of aspects of software products. It should be thoroughly checked, as there are many hackers who may use the weak points of application security for their own profit.

What Product Aspects Should Be Obligatory Checked?

  • If user authorization is required, then password protection should be tested.
  • A specialist from software testing company should check the data communications security, whether the safe HTTPS is used.
  • The program code should be tested.
  • The libraries used by the system or application require the checking.
  • It is recommended to test the product design in the context of security.
  • If there are any third party elements included into the system, they also should be tested.
  • A tester should not forget to check the platforms and frameworks in which the product has to operate.

Various testing tools, techniques and methods are used by the specialists during security testing. Every mobile testing, software product testing and website testing require a special approach to data security. It should never be neglected by client, tester and user. 


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