What Are the Benefits of Session-Based Testing?

What Are the Benefits of Session-Based Testing?

It is an ordinary practice for software testing company to conduct session-based checking during mobile application testing.

In recent years, mobile software products became very popular among used. Some QA specialists are sure that this testing type is more suitable than test cases for working with mobile technologies that now are very fast growing and modifying.

Why Is it Better to Perform Session-Based Testing Rather Than Test Cases?

  • Session-based approach defines the distinct testing goals. But besides that, it provides testers with some discretion. But the team still keeps the general plan and schedule of testing.
  • If the session is ineffective, then it will take less time to run the test one more time. In such a situation, the specialist will waste more time on the execution of test cases.
  • The documented results allow the testing team to analyze and evaluate the done work. They help to improve the fulfillment of further tasks.
  • The exchanging of information among the participants of the development procedure provides the proper understanding of the product specifics. Moreover, the constant communication helps to avoid some risks and troubles.
  • The developers just get the reports about run test cases; there is no enough communication between two teams. But during session-based testing, the developers and testers are working together. They share their impressions about the system functionality and other aspects.

To cut the long story short, it turns out that it is more convenient and effective to perform website testing, mobile testing and software products testing applying the session principle. Especially, it concerns functional testing or unit testing of mobile applications and programs. 


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