How Software Testing Depends on the Development Team?

How Software Testing Depends on the Development Team?

Qualitative and duly performance of mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing stands upon many factors. Not all of them depend upon the software testing company.

As all the processes in software development are interconnected, many aspects of software constructing rely on software testing and vice versa.

So, some significant things for web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing depend on the software engineers.

The Next Things Should be Provided by Development Team:

  • Each application release delivered for testing must be followed by notes indicating what functions and features are implemented in this release and how the changes affect the tested parts of the program.
  • All the reported errors must be fixed before compiling the next application build.
  • Programmers should execute unit testing of the system before passing it to test team.
  • All show-stopping and critical errors should be corrected as soon as possible. Developers mustn’t postpone or ignore fixing of such defects.
  • All the required documents must contain actual data and be delivered to testers on time.

If developers neglect or execute their duties behind the schedule, testing processes won’t be done on time and thoroughly as well, in spite of all the testers’ efforts.


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