Advantages of Being a Newcomer in Software Testing

Advantages of Being a Newcomer in Software Testing

Any professional started his career as a newcomer. But everyone, who works hard, gains success and a fair name.

In its turn a software testing company welcomes people, who may not have testing experience, but have strong potential and thirst for knowledge. Such people are very likely to become a real guru of software testing.

Someone can think that companies, which hire people without any experience, want just to save money on salaries. But actually any successful team tries to expand its field of work, share the experience and increase the number of skilled professionals.

What Helps a Software Testing Newcomer to Be Useful for a Software Testing Company?

  • Motivation. Usually, newcomers have many questions about everything, but their enthusiasm helps them to hurdle the barriers and make first steps in software testing. The best way to solidify knowledge is practice, so real tasks like desktop testing or mobile application testing will help a newcomer to gain confidence.
  • Striving to be in-demand software tester.  Complex tasks require advanced skills, for example, a newcomer needs to practice in Java language in order to perform effective automated testing. Career development is impossible without constant learning something new.
  • Self-devotion. Most of junior-testers, which were given a chance to show what they’re made of, appreciate their place in the company and want to grow together with the whole team.
  • Potential. Proper training together with constant support will help a newcomer to fulfil the potential and become a master of software testing.

Generally, any profession needs young blood and software testing is no exception. Maybe soon mobile application or complex database will be tested completely differently due to new ideas and fresh perspectives.


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