What are Peculiarities of SQL Server Testing?

What are Peculiarities of SQL Server Testing?

SQL databases are components of almost every web software product nowadays. One doesn’t have to be guru in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing in order to understand that functioning of a web software product is based on proper functioning of its databases.

A software testing company always wants its testers to check properly SQL server of the web software under test. Experts in manual and automated testing advise doing it gradually because back-end of a web program is complex. It includes lots of data, many databases, different procedures and mechanisms, and sophisticated interrelations between them. All this must operate correctly.

In Order to test an SQL Server of a Web Program One Should:

1. Check correctness of the data in the databases.

2. Test saved procedures, rules and all the other components of domain logic in each database.

3. Execute integration testing of the SQL server.

The aim of such integration testing is to determine whether there are any errors or inconsistencies in implementation of the software domain logic. Software bugs of that type must be detected and fixed before release of the web program.

Common Defects in This Area are Conflicts Between:

  • saved procedures and triggers;
  • saved procedures and schema;
  • triggers and schema.

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