Why is it Better to Start Software Testing Early?

Why is it Better to Start Software Testing Early?

People want their business to be profitable and yield a return. In case of software development produces want their program to be salable and popular among users. There are many ways of enhancing quality of constructed applications.

A software testing company would advise to involve web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing as early as possible and regularly perform the needed tests. Then one can be sure that the software development process is successful, and the elaborated application will be of high quality.

Early beginning of testing works gives a lot of advantages. The advantages are significant for manual and automated testing.

Benefits of Early and Often Software Testing Are:

  • the more tests are performed, the more defects are found;
  • if automation starts from unit testing, the tests can be developed step by step together with the software and be run many times, till the end of the testing process;
  • the earlier software bugs are found, the easier and less expensive there correction is; it is less probable that serious errors appear after release; it is known that the defects become the most malicious in production, when the users face them.

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