How to Create a Successful Software Product?

How to Create a Successful Software Product?

Some specialists are sure that a successful product is the one of a very high quality. It concerns no just the quality of product functionality, design, security, etc.; every step of software development life cycle should be effective and efficient.

SDLC is the process of creating a new system or modifying the old one. Its procedure includes models and methods used during the development of systems. The aim of SDLC is to create a software product of a high quality. Besides that, the product should satisfy the client’s requirements and meet the user’s needs.

The development process is closely connected with software testing. The common efforts of the development team and the experts of software testing companyensure the product success. Testers discover bugs and possible mismatches, and developers fix these problems.

What Are the Steps of Effective Testing?

  • Analysis. For testers and developers it is necessary to properly understand the requirement specifications. This step is the basis for further development process. It presupposes the preplanning of work scope, deadlines, prices, etc.
  • Software development (project designing). At this step the development techniques and methodologies which will provide the creation of a high-quality product are defined. Besides that, the specification is formulated. This document is considered to be the detailed description of all aspects of software product.
  • Realization (implementation). Using programming languages, the development team creates the code. At this step possible specification bugs should be discovered and removed. During implementation stage the documentation needed for supporting already developed product is prepared.
  • Testing. At this step the thorough checking of product quality is performed. The specialists use various testing types (functional testing, load testing, security testing, user interface testing, installation testing, etc.) to check every needed aspect of the system. The checking procedure is totally based on the requirement specifications.

There are different models of SDLC, but the listed steps should be included into each such model. The software engineers and developers select the model according to the client’s requirements and the specific features of the project.


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