What is Specificity of Testing Software on Android Platforms?

What is Specificity of Testing Software on Android Platforms?

Experts in mobile application testing have to work with various mobile platforms. Many models of tablets and smartphones with different operating systems and their versions are available nowadays. Each mobile operating system is unique and has its requirements to software products.

A lot of mobile devices have Android operating system. It is a Unix-like operating system owned by Google. Specialists in manual and automated testing claim that Android is well adjusted for touch screens and all the features of modern mobile gadgets.

Android Features That Testers Should be Aware Of:

  • it allows to run many programs in the background;
  • one has to reboot an Android device often.

Nowadays various tools can be used to simplify functional testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, etc.

Verifying a Software Product for Android Platforms One May Use Such Tools:

  • Dalvik Debug Monitor Server. It is a debugging instrument for Android, it is included in Android SDK.
  • Monkey Tool. It allows to imitate user actions such as clicks, touches, gestures, etc. It functions both on real Android devices and simulators.
  • TaskKiller. This instrument serves for quick uploading programs from the device memory and clearing the memory. It frequently helps to avoid rebooting the tablet or smartphone.

There are other tools that can increase productivity of software testing, more of them will appear.


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