What Aspects are Important for Usability of a Mobile Application?

What Aspects are Important for Usability of a Mobile Application?

There are no doubts that usability is among most important qualities of a modern software product. People want to expend as little effort as possible during interaction with an application.

That is why usability testing must be a required part of any web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing.

Mobile software products have more complex usability issues than the desktop ones because of characteristics and qualities of smartphones and tablets, and peculiarities of their usage.

Developing and Testing a Mobile Application One Must Keep in Mind That:

  • screen is smaller in a mobile device than in a personal computer;
  • mobile devices has less performance capacity than personal computers;
  • users are less patient and tolerant with mobile software products than with the desktop ones;
  • mobile programs must be convenient both for right-handed and for left-handed users.

A software testing company considers that the last point is essential, as there are many left-handed people at present. There are special settings for left-handed persons in desktop software products.

But mobile applications should be convenient for the both user categories. So, executing mobile application testing one should check whether it is easily and handy to interact with the tested program holding the device in the right and in the left hand.


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