The Importance of UI

The Importance of UI

It is that the interaction between the end users and the product is possible due to user interface. Every software testing company knows how it is important to have the product UI well-designed and well-tested. That is why the specialists perform thorough user interface testing.

Actually, all means that ensure the user’s’ interaction with the application or any software product are called user interface. Earlier UI was so user-friendly as nowadays. It was not so easy to use various programs and their interface was not oriented towards the end users. But modern programs have rather complex and well-designed interface that requires software testing.

Nevertheless, some companies do not realize the importance of qualitative interface and neglect UI testing as well as usability testing and design testing. Such a practice will not provide success for a product on the IT market. Every checking procedure should be effective and detailed.

What Is a Well-Designed UI?

  • It should be flexible.
  • During its designing and development, the standards should be kept.
  • It should operate properly without any errors and mismatches.
  • A high level of usability will ensure the popularity among the end users.
  • It should be intuitively understandable.

No one will use the product with an inconvenient and complex interface. It is easier to download another product of such a type, then to spend much time on figuring out all necessary features and finding the necessary form, button or link.

Even if functional testing and performance testing of the product are conducted thoroughly, it cannot ensure the success among the end users if it has a complex interface.


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