Testing Approaches in the Context of Programing Techniques

Testing Approaches in the Context of Programing Techniques

The development of effective and popular product of a high quality requires the productive cooperation of all specialists involved in the development process. The specialists of mobile testing or web application testing, the development team, the sales department, etc. everyone shares the common aim.

Performing functional testing, security testing, load testing, usability testing, etc., the specialists of software testing company check the quality of product under development. Only bug-free application or system will be popular among end-users.

Nowadays, the huge amount of various software products, web and mobile applications are available for users with different needs and desires. Every day more and more products are developed.

To reach a success, the development and testing team should work fast and effective. There are various programming techniques as well as different testing types.

What Are the Major Programming Techniques?

  • Waterfall model
  • Spiral model
  • Prototyping
  • RAD
  • Iterative and incremental development
  • Agile development, etc.

The peculiarities of software testing execution depend on the programming technique.

There Are Two Approaches to Software Testing:

  • Test-last development. Test cases are designed after the product has been developed. This approach is applicable in tradition programming techniques.
  • Test-first development. It is applied during agile development, specially, during test-driven development.

Nowadays, automated testing is rather widespread. It helps to perform functional testing or unit testingquicker and more thoroughly. Development and testing teams should carefully choose the programming techniques and principles of software testing.

Sometimes it is necessary for both teams to experiment a little bit and create their own unique approach.


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