How Should Web Products Be Tested?

How Should Web Products Be Tested?

In recent years, web applications and programs have become very popular. The majority of people cannot imagine their lives without the Internet and various software products of different types.

Web programs have now a set of advantages. Firstly, they require rather little space on the client’s machine. Secondly, one is able to use the web-based products from any device connected to the Internet. Thirdly, they are regularly updated.

The process of software testing of web products is rather difficult and complex. It consists of three levels and a tester should check every of them.

What Are the Levels of Web Apps?

  • Web browser
  • Server
  • Data base

Such type of software products can be checked with the help of manual testing or automated testing. In general, the developers use the following programing languages as PHP, Perl, ASP, Java, VBScript, Cold Fusion, etc. But users can see only the visual representation of code that is represented in a web browser. All actions are performed on a server and data is stored on the data base server.

Web application testing may take long time as the specialists should check the majority of system aspects and functionality.

What Should Web Testing Include?

Everything should work properly in different browsers and OS versions. If all pointed testing types are conducted thoroughly, then the client will be satisfied and the product will be popular among users.


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