Who Creates Bugs?

Who Creates Bugs?

Everyone who has performed either mobile testing or website testing knows that software products contain errors that are called bugs. There is no bug free application or website.

Testers’ aim is to find all serious bugs with the help of manual testing and automated testing. If errors are discovered, the specialist informs developers about them. After fixing bugs, testing team performs software checking one more time.

Who is responsible for bug creation? Who needs this? The answers will surprise. Every participant of software development life cycle is in charge of bug creation.

Who Are the Biggest Bug Creators?

  • Product designers;
  • Developers (the specialists who write code);
  • Compilers (programs may also cause errors).

Usually, code contains the largest amount of mistakes. Code writing is very complicated process. It needs a constant concentration and focused attention of every member of the development team.

It does not mean that developers are incompetent and irresponsible. Bugs occur because of the complexity of systems that are now developed. It is very difficult to plan and write bug free code.

Software testing helps to find bugs and improve the product quality. Different testing types are performed to check various system components and functional units.

There is a number of bug types according to their priority, severity level and other characteristics. The most serious bugs are fixed first of all.

The special tools for bug tracking and reporting are now available. They are used to regulate and simplify the communication among developers, testers, managers and other participants of software development life cycle. 


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