What is a Workflow of a Testing Process?

What is a Workflow of a Testing Process?

Before entering upon web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing one should elaborate test plan and test procedures. In order to do it, it is necessary to make some preparations and gather needed information about the tested software product.

The application producers should provide specification with requirements to the software under test and detailed descriptions of its functions, features and peculiarities of work.  Such data facilitate and increase efficiency of any testing process.

Basing on the specification a software testing company creates test plan and test procedures.

As a Rule, Any Test Type Includes Such Steps:

  • writing test scenarios and test cases;
  • preparation and setting of a bug tracking system, necessary documents;
  • searching for errors that is often considered to be the most essential part of any software testing;
  • writing of bug reports that is of utmost importance for any testing process.

Before proceeding to checking of newly created functionality it is necessary to perform regression testing. Its aim is to make sure that the old functions operate properly and have not been damaged by building the new ones. Regression tests are usually automated. Automated testing is efficient and useful in such cases.

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